Flamenco Ball

The history of flamenco goes back a long way, and its long prehistory merges with the wanderings and vicissitudes of its first performers, the Gypsies. These are a group of gypsies, or Roma, of Indian origin. Gypsyologists generally propose the tenth century as the probable date of departure from the Indian subcontinent. Without doubt, football and flamenco condense and dramatise the fundamental values of today’s world; they exalt performance, merit and competition between ‘equals’ and value teamwork and solidarity. But luck also plays a special role; the figure of chance hovers over football matches or flamenco faenas, reminding us that merit is not always enough, on the pitch or on stage, to get ahead of others. Football and flamenco give a symbolic vision of our societies, even in its darkest aspects: drugs, abuse, corruption, doping, chauvinism, violence, racism, hatred. 

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