French garage & rock’n’roll (1991 to 2001), boogaloo, soul (from 2003) & exotica group from Chambéry, created by MrJuan  in 1991.
Can be found as The Juanitos, Les Juanitos, or Los Juanitos.

NEW : RADIOMAMA is the new band of MrJuan, listen to the 5th single « Question of Time »
(available on spotify, itunes, deezer…)

Disponible sur Youtube, sur Spotify, Deezer, Itunes

Joli cadeau de Noël pour tous les fans : un VERY BEST OF des 20 titres les plus représentatifs des Juanitos enregistrés de 1992 à 2004 ! Enjoy it!

Nice Christmas present for all fans: a VERY BEST OF of the 20 most representative titles of Juanitos recorded from 1992 to 2004! Enjoy it


Here is a nice gift for these end-of-year celebrations: the provision of 20 fabulous Juanitos tracks recorded between 1992 and 2004 on 7 different albums (Surfin’Matador, Do the Cobra, Crazy Vibrations, Exotica, Soul & Roots Vol.1 and Soul & Roots Vol.2). 

20 fantastic tunes that have been picked up here and there from thousand popular videos on the web and played live many times by the Juanitos. You will easily find all the styles of music that we borrowed from the Juanitos during those beautiful inspirated years at a time when there were no viruses or climatic shits yet.

As a great friend and Italian fan of the Juanitos once said, if we have to name all this musical mess, then let’s call it Super Exotic 60’s Beat!

Now, you just have to enjoy these sounds again by listening to them on your favorite platforms Spotify, Deezer, Youtube or upload them directly to iTunes. This is the perfect time to get back to an explosive and inimitable atmosphere that only the Juanitos have managed to provide to their numerous listeners, even after having been imitated by many other artists on numerous occasions. Long live the unique, incomparable, universal, infinite and unmissable sound of the Juanitos.